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  1. Best so far!

    By Andrew April 07, 2021

    My #1 dry herb vape!!! Easy to use, easy to clean. No messy and sticky residue like all the others. Sip it or take long drags, it stays the same consistency every time. No burning issues, and fits nice in my palm. 3 simple buttons, digital temp gauge, and a magnetic mouthpiece. All great features. Drop the mouthpiece in some cleaner after a few uses, rinse and ready to use again. No more scrubbing the oven! Falls right out no problem. Will stay with this company!

  2. Awesome device

    By Dagwood McGee May 13, 2020

    This little device is awesome, easy to use and clean. The terp profile when consuming the right flower with this device is fantastic. I’m really impressed with this device. I consume hemp for a number of ailments and I’ve always consume it in the traditional ways. Vaping it makes a huge difference in my opinion, man what a difference. Awesome price easy to use and clean, yeah I’m glad I spent my money here.

  3. A Little Package That Can Perform

    By Jason D. May 05, 2020

    The Vivant Ambit is a great little vaporizer that's designed with convenience in mind. The way it can compact itself into a small package and perform at a great production is beyond me. The Ambit is definitely a vaporizer you should try.

  4. the best by far

    By Alice March 30, 2020

    Simply the best "dry herb" pipe, in a discrete little package which fits easily in your pocket and belongs in the Museum of Modern Art's collection; absolutely the finest I've ever used. Hint: moisten your "dry herbs" to enjoy their full flavor - seriously!

  5. Sweet! well made

    By Dutch Schoultz November 27, 2019

    works well,It's well made and great price the water-pipe adapter Is simple and ez to swap out.

  6. Ambit

    By drjim October 20, 2019

    First vape unit I've ever owned. Clean it frequently. It has given me a quality dry flower vaping experience. Cannot stress enough: clean after every, if not every other, session. Has worked well for me. Great investment!

  7. Ambit

    By James October 05, 2019

    I received my order 8 or 10 hours ago, and I was excited to try this little convection smoker. Anyway, I got all kinds of fucked up testing it out, it works beyond good.
    I've never had a smoker that I wanted to turn the heat down on. You can't go wrong with this little guy.
    I fill the chamber with product & just loosely pack that with a few jabs with the packaging tool. Then I top it off & get loaded
    Give it a try, and see how long it takes you to write your own review.

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