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A True Connoisseurs Vaporizer

Flip Door™

This gives you access to quickly load your coil,
all the while keeping the device extra easy to maintain.
Also, we stuck with the quick change coil system!

LED Screen

  • Temperature control
  • Coil head selection
  • Door safety
  • Stealth mode

Water Filter

We took our users' feedback into consideration and designed the Pro with a build in water filter to get ready for smoother, and longer sessions! Don’t forget about the spill proof feature!

What’s included in the box?

1* USB Cable
1* Glass Dab Tool
1* Firecore Coil Head
1* Dual Quartz Clapton Coil Head
2* O Rings
1* Quick Guide

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3 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 3 reviews)
  1. Overall Great Device

    By Jim Neutron May 05, 2020

    Great piece! The battery lasts all for quite a while and provides great power. Device is sturdy and feels sophisticated. The water filtration is excellent and provides an extremely smooth pull. Quartz atomizer provides great taste and is easy to clean after each use. Apart from its regular DaBox device, this little device will get you where you want to go, high quality device with higher quality production.

  2. Great machine, take care of warranty sticker on base!

    By Richard October 11, 2019

    I have had 2 dabox pros. Each has lasted up to 4 months. I am a heavy user but take great care cleaning daily. The first dabox pro I sent back but the warrranty was void because I had removed the sticker on base. (Beware!)
    The second purchased 1 July 19 has just stopped working it will no longer turn on!. The warranty sticker is in place but worn from daily use. I have supplied a photo and am waiting to hear if the warranty will be valid this time?
    I love the machine but the electric screen makes it more prone to break than the simple dabox. However I want another one soon as!

  3. 3-4/5 stars

    By DA May 20, 2019

    So after long anticipation I bought this bad boy for my bday.. I just finished using the dabox pro for the first time.  The quality build of the product makes it feel like a tank. The performance I felt could be better. The product gets stuck at the center hole on inhales between the coils and water chamber (bubbler). It made it feel as if the water chamber feels limiting. Could be the product I used.
    Quality build - 4/5 feels like a tank. Display is super low in daylight.
    Performance - 3/5 felt restraining
    Customer service - I will update once they get back to me.

    Overall so far I would say it's not for someone who wants to be quick and easy or maybe it's the product I used that clogged up the hole so quickly. I would recommend the original dabox, it just seems easier to clean for my style.

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